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1:1 Data Mentoring


In addition to 1:1 contact time, we research and provide learning resources tailored to your needs and role. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our 1:1 mentoring is an ideal method for developing the data skills you need,  in a way that works for you.

Working with a data-driven team? We can help you build the relevant data knowledge

Data specialist with non-technical audiences? We can hone your communication skills

​New to data analysis? We can support you through a bespoke learning pathway


Explainer Videos


Our explainer content provides easy, engaging introductions to different data skills - from finding data to communicating your findings.

Video Explainer:

Using Evidence to Make Great Arguments (and Porridge)

We introduce the PEER structure, an easy-to-use technique for getting your data presentation just right.

Video Explainer:

Deadly Sins of Data


from three common data sins: Sloth, Lust, and Gluttony. A useful check against common data mistakes.



Our social media series visually explains key data concepts - from "A/B Testing" to "The Inside - Outside View". 

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Data Skills Twitter Bot

Our Twitter bot tweets out regular recommendations for learning how to find, use, and communicate data

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1:1 Mentoring


These virtual courses provide you with vital skills for modern work, as identified by the World Economic Forum. Delivered in association with ComSkills.

We have no upcoming courses scheduled at present.  If any of our recent courses interest you, get in touch.


How To Do Complex Problem-Solving

29 March 9:30-13:30

Do you often face unpredictable situations, with lots of moving parts?  Perhaps you are a policymaker, a strategist, or a team leader, who must consider numerous factors in every decision? If so you are working with complexity. 

Complexity is common, but can be intimidating.  This course will provide you with practical techniques for you, and your team, to deal with complexity.  It does not require any specialist background.


How To Do Analytical Thinking

12 April 9:00-13:00

Analytical skills help you make better decisions. Whether you are planning a marketing campaign, or designing help for a community - analytical skills help you understand your situation, report accurately, and make informed arguments. 

This course is aimed at anyone who want to use evidence better, in any profession or level of seniority. It provides you with skills, as well as tips for supporting your wider team.  The course does not require any specialist background.


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